Tower Bridge Investments Ltd is a specialist in alternative investments, formed with over 20 years of experience and knowledge within investments we pride ourselves on providing investors an opportunity to help grow their wealth.

Our portfolio of investable products is concentrated within IFISAS.

Based in central London we are at the forefront within the investment world allowing us to screen and carry out due diligence enabling us to pick out the best opportunities.

An example below is provided by one of our IFISAs, they have been there from the start and have a proven track record

Example return on an investment of £10,000
Term Options 5 Year Income 5 Year Deferred
Total initial investment £10,000 £10,000
Interest per Annum 8.50% 8.50%
Total interest payable £4,250 £5,000
Total capital repayment £10,000 £10,000
Total funds delivered to bondholder £14,250 £15,000

*5 Year Deffered means that all the interest payments are rolled up and paid at the end of the Term.

The products we provide information is purely for the following types of investors:

  • Certified High Net Worth Individual or Company
  • Certified or Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors


Introduced April 6th 2016 by the government IFISAs allow all investors the opportunity to lend money into FCA approved platforms.

The government have invested over £100,000,000 since its inception and the following total gross amounts invested into IFISAs is taken from HMRC:

2016/2017 £36,000,000

2017/2018 £290,000,000

2018/2019 Forecasted to be over a billion

The above figures show how rapidly growing this type of lending is.

IFISAs allow you to invest into FCA approved platforms returning higher interest whilst providing the same tax benefits of a normal ISA.

Returns of 4/5 times cash ISAs are possible because the middle man (Bank) has been cut out.

Whilst inflation remains at 2%, this cost of living renders existing ISAs paying less interest not profitable for the investor.

With a portfolio of IFISAs we can handpick the best performing in terms of returns and track record. To find out more please complete the form below or call one of our team.


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